The Recommended Daily Digest (April-May Edition)

Bun Mee Phan is a new shop dedicated to banh mi.

Bun Mee Phan is a new shop dedicated to banh mi.

Have you been coming here and wondering where all your delicious food news has gone? Don’t worry, we’re still doing plenty of reporting. We’ve just got a new home for 2016. We’ve partnered with Kansas City Public Television and their digital magazine, Flatland. Our content will live right here for the rest of the year. In the interim, here’s a quick recap below of what you’ve been missing (if you didn’t know about our new partnership or your RSS feed has been waiting for an update).

Cheers, The Recommended Daily Team.


Order Up: Carollo’s No. 1 Hot — a craveworthy look at a proper sandwich in the City Market.

The Sweet Heat of Hot Helga’s Nordic Mustard — a viking-clad bottle of locally produced mustard.

Donuts and Banh Mi — a dive into Bun Mee Phan’s menu, which includes Vietnamese sandwiches and donuts.

Jazzy B’s in Lee’s Summit — Brandon Simpson is planning to open a brick-and-mortar diner in Lee’s Summit.

Culinary Fight Club Kansas City (Video) — the new live cooking competition launches with a bacon battle at Extra Virgin.


Welcome to Can-Sas City — a look at the burgeoning world of craft canned beer in and around the metro.

KC Wineworks Set to Pop Bottles — a new craft winery has opened in the Crossroads.

Food Fight: The Clash of Carrots — Unbakery’s Root No. 1 versus Root Seller’s Himmel & Erde.

Order Up: Purple Rain — a shimmering purple tribute to Prince from Snow & Co.

KC Pinoy is serving up grilled pork skewers.

KC Pinoy is serving up grilled pork skewers.

Now Open

Enjoy Pure Food and Drink — a grab-and-go shop focused on clean foods, smoothies, and juices, is open in Mission Farms.

Little Piggy Food Truck Hub — Kansas City’s first food truck hub, organized by Farmhouse chef and owner Michael Foust, is open on Southwest Boulevard.

KC Pinoy — a food truck slinging authentic Filipino cuisine is now rolling in KC.

Mesob — the reincarnation of MisobPikliz is set to open in Midtown.

5 Recommendations

5 Eats That Knock it out of the Ballpark — a guide to eating like you’re at Kauffman Stadium, even when you’re not.

5 Breakfast Burritos that Deserve Serious Face Time — why aren’t you eating, yet?

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