Taco Bell’s Sriracha Menu is only in KC & we ordered the whole thing [photos]

The loaded griller and its Sriracha wrapper.

The loaded griller and its Sriracha wrapper.

Taco Bell has a case of the red hots. Kansas City area locations are currently testing a Sriracha Menu through mid-November [h/t The Washington Post]. In addition to having a bit of a baseball moment, we’re also the only place in the country (USA Today puts it at around 70 area restaurants) to get the Rooster sauce treatment from The Bell.

There are five Sriracha menu items: Sriracha Quesarito, Sriracha Loaded Griller, Sriracho Nacho Supreme, Sriracha Crunchy Taco and Srichacha Taco Supreme (not including a Sriracha Grande scrambler, only available during breakfast — sorry, we’re only able to commit one meal to this project) and a Sriracha Quesarito Big Box (a drink, two tacos and a quesarito).

We wanted to give you a peek and let the world know what was happening in KC.

tacobell-loaded-griller-inside-101514The Sriracha Loaded Griller ($1.49) — This thing is red as all get out. Impossibly, nuclear-ly red. It’s Sriracha ground beef, Sriracha crema, crispy red strips (think the tortilla equivalent of wonton strips) and nacho cheese sauce. Who should get it? Those who like to eat in monochromatic fashion and those looking for the biggest Sriracha punch.

tacobell-srirachanachos-2-101514The Sriracha Nacho Supreme ($2.49)Sriracha and nacho cheese work in harmony. There’s heat in whatever chips are spread with the Sriracha sauce, but it’s never that daunting. Who should get it? Fans of ballpark nachos, people eating inside Taco Bell (sour cream waits for nobody).

The Sriracha crunchy taco.

The Sriracha crunchy taco.

The Sriracha Crunchy Taco ($1.49) — ground beef, Sriracha crema, cheddar cheese and lettuce. If you wait too long, the collective juice and sauce will rob your taco of crunchiness. Who should get it? Those who seek novelty on a budget and never pass on Taco Tuesday.

Behold the Sriracha Taco Supreme.

Behold the Sriracha Taco Supreme.

The Sriracha Taco Supreme ($1.79) — See above, just add on sour cream and tomatoes. The extra two toppings do make a significant difference the ground beef becomes more of a team player than a single, low heat note beating inside a hard taco shell. Who should get it? Those who sprinkle Sriracha on everything, someone with an overabundance of napkins.

tacobell-quesarito-2-101514The Sriracha Quesarito ($2.29) The baby of a grilled quesadilla and burrito — this one is the most logical adaptation of an existing menu item. It has roughly the same flavor in each bite, avoiding the inconsistent, heat spikes that plague some of the other choices. Who should get it? People who would eat mac n’ cheese in a bread bowl at the Renaissance Faire and Taco Bell fans who aren’t sure about this whole messing with perfection thing.

Ultimately, all of the Sriracha menu items were more Taco Bell than Sriracha. There are flames on the posters, but not as much heat inside of the actual tortillas. Sriracha fans venture forth with caution, these will likely make you want to reach for another bottle.

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