Sweet Caroline’s Ice Box is serving up shaved ice & ice cream sandwiches


The heat of summer may have yet to set in, but that’s no excuse not to indulge in some seasonal treats. New local food truck Sweet Caroline’s Ice Box specializes in traditional summer goodies – the frozen kind.

“I’m not sure which is more popular – the shaved ice or the ice cream sandwiches! I would say they’re tied neck and neck,” says co-owner Ellen Purvis. “It just depends on if you’re wanting something fruity and refreshing, or super rich.”

She and her business partner Maureen Blount also work together at a hair salon. In fact, it was there that their cool idea came about.

Says Purvis: “One day at the salon she had mentioned to a client that she’s wanted to have a summertime shaved ice business. In my hometown, we had a shaved ice stand that was extremely popular. I overheard this conversation she was having, and said I would go in on it with her. That day she got on Craigslist, found what used to be a shaved ice trailer for sale, and five days later my boyfriend and I were driving to Springfield, Missouri, to pick it up.”

The truck made its debut on the Kansas City food truck scene this spring, serving up totally-worth-it brain freezes all around the metro, including the recent Food Truck Frenzy in Lenexa.

“Obviously, kids REALLY love us,” Purvis says. “But it’s gone over well with people of all ages. We’re not looking to target specific audiences, just anyone who loves food trucks and frozen treats.”


Sweet Caroline’s offers a variety of fun (watermelon), classic (bubblegum) and exotic (tiger’s blood — coconut & strawberry) flavors for its traditional style shaved ice. Or, as Purvis says, “The shaved ice with the really good sugary syrup. Just like you’d find at every old school shaved ice stand. Shaved ice is much softer than a snowcone. It has a lighter texture, instead of being hard and crunchy like snowcones sometimes are.

The syrups are not homemade, but something else on the truck is – the cookies used for the ice cream sandwiches. The type of cookies used will vary depending on when you visit the truck. They’ve featured chocolate chip, birthday cake, peanut butter S’mores, strawberry, fudge brownie and an everything sandwich (pretzels, Corn Flakes, chocolate chips and marshmallows).

“It’s hopefully going to get really hot in the next couple of months,” Purvis says, “so we plan to be out and about as much as possible. We hope to gain as much exposure as possible this summer, so at this time next year we’ll be a well-oiled machine ready to serve shaved ice and other treats to the people of Kansas City.”

[Images via Facebook: Sweet Caroline’s]

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