Should Stroud’s cinnamon rolls be the snack food of Kansas?

The cinnamon rolls at Stroud's have plenty of fans in and out of Kansas.

The cinnamon rolls at Stroud’s have plenty of fans in and out of Kansas.

Let’s talk about snacks, baby. has resurrected a Business Insider piece from 2014 that lists the ‘Best Snack Food in Every State.‘ And while we’re sad to be suckered in by recycled content, we can’t resist the topic. Last May, Business Insider gave the Kansas snack food nod to the cinnamon rolls from Stroud’s noting that “state natives are partial to the sticky, cinnamon-crusted rolls from Stroud’s, a homestyle staple in the Breadbasket of America.” In Missouri, it was all about those “little fried pieces of heaven,” known as toasted ravioli.

Missouri and Kansas have been slow to designate official state foods. In 2008, Missouri deemed the ice cream cone the official state dessert; but the two states have otherwise abstained from canonizing foods. So the floor is open for debate. In Missouri, there’s the Twinkie, Topsy’s popcorn and Billy Goat potato chips. In Kansas, I’d think an argument could be made for sunflower seeds (particularly those covered in chocolate) or beef jerky.

Let’s hear it. You get one snack food, Kansans and Missourians. What’s it going to be?

[Image via Facebook: Stroud’s]

Jonathan Bender

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