Shatto’s Apple Pie milk is back Monday (sneak peek Saturday at City Market)

Apple Pie milk will rejoin the herd on Monday.

Apple Pie milk will rejoin the herd on Monday.

It’s been two years, but Apple Pie milk is back. The Shatto Milk Company will be releasing a series of limited edition flavors in 2015 and the first is one that customers have been asking for since it appeared in 2013.

Apple Pie milk will start appearing on store shelves Monday, but Shatto will also have it available at the City Market this Saturday for those who can’t wait. This specialty milk from the dairy based out of Osborn, Missouri, is aptly named. It has the echo of crust, in addition to pie filling. It’s also a bit reminiscent of cereal milk — the milk at the bottom of your bowl.

The limited edition release flavors — a mix of customer favorites and some new concoctions — will each be available for one month in pint-sized bottles. The apple pie milk will be in stores that regularly stock Shatto Milk products. Keep an eye out for a red cap.

[Image via Facebook: Shatto Milk Company]

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