Shatto Pumpkin Spice Egg Nog is on shelves

shatto-eggnog-100914The great pumpkin is back. Shatto’s Pumpkin Spice Egg Nog — a seasonal flavor — will be on shelves starting today (and should be on all store shelves that regularly stock Shatto products by Monday).

The Osborn dairy debuted its pumpkin spice nog in 2009. And, if you haven’t had it, this one tastes like pumpkin pie in a glass bottle and makes a mean french toast (about a cup of egg nog for every two eggs in your egg bath — more or less depending on how noggy you want your breakfast).

Want to go the milkshake route? Yeah you do. Add in some of Shatto’s sea salt caramel ice cream and you’ve got a winner. If you’re thinking alcoholic nog, bourbon and a bit of brandy (or rum and whipped cream in a three-ingredient version of this drink) is not a bad place to begin experimenting. You can also just go for broke and, repeat after me, put together a pretty fine alcoholic milkshake. The regular flavor of egg nog will be released later this month.

[Image via Facebook: Shatto Milk Company]

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.