Rye Whiskey & Donuts at The Genessee Royale Bistro [in photos]

whiskeyanddonuts-courseone-052414Breakfast for dinner took a giant step forward with Rye Whiskey & Donuts at The Genessee Royale on Thursday, May 22. Cafe Europa’s Nate Feldmiller, Voltaire’s Wes Gartner, and Genessee’s Todd Schulte and Daniel Breedlove prepared four courses inspired by donuts and rye whiskey for the paired dinner hosted by The Recommended Daily and the eatery in the West Bottoms.

The first course, made by Schulte, was a play on a jelly donut. He served a raised yeast donut with a Rye-on-Rye and sun-dried cherry jam and a petite foie gras torchon. It was paired with Boulevard’s Rye-on-Rye, a Smokestack Series release that has fresh rye beer blended with rye beer aged in Templeton whiskey barrels.

whiskeyanddonuts-course2-052414The second course was a churro from Breedlove. The churro had cinnamon, rye, black pepper, honey, lavender, and a Mexican chocolate sauce. Breedlove presented it in a basket as an homage to street food. The churro was paired with Templeton Rye, a small batch whiskey bottled in Templeton, Iowa.

whiskeyanddonuts-crowd-052414The garage doors came open and it turns out that whiskey and donuts can turn a table of strangers into friends pretty quickly.

whiskeyanddonuts-cocktail-052414The third course featured a cocktail by Voltaire’s head barman Ryan Miller. He mixed Old Overholt Rye with Applejack, honey simple syrup, lemon juice and Jerry Thomas bitters. The drink was garnished with a cherry and fresh sage. The crowd raised a toast to Voltaire — the West Bottoms eatery was celebrating its first anniversary last Thursday.

whiskeyanddonuts-course3-052414The dish accompanying the cocktail was prepared by Voltaire’s Gartner. He snuck a piece of braised pork belly inside a buttermilk and chive beignet that was topped with a Cherry Heering gastrique and flash-fried sage.

whiskeyanddonuts-darkhorse-052314Dark Horse Distillery, out of Lenexa, Kansas, brought a bottle of their Barrel Strength Reunion Rye, a limited-edition release of only 625 bottles last December, for the diners to taste. The small batch rye is 113 proof and Dark Horse hopes to produce a second iteration later this year.

whiskeyanddonuts-course4-052414The fourth course was an ‘Old Fashioned, Old Fashion,’ from Cafe Europa’s Feldmiller — a donut infused with rye and topped with a lemon glaze. The rye, sugar and citrus glaze combined to give the donut the taste of the cocktail. The fried dough was paired with Dark Horse Distillery’s Reunion Rye.

whiskeyanddonuts-coffee-052414The diners left with a commemorative glass — the same one they’d used for their whiskey tasting — filled with The Roasterie’s Ethiopian Sidamo Natural Reserve coffee beans.

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.


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    Thank you for posting this! I didn’t take notes and my descriptions were not doing it justice. If you ever do bourbon & biscuits or even scotch & scones, I’d be there.

    And as terrific as all the food was, Ryan Miller’s cocktail was tremendous. I still say I could serve it by the pitcher at a BBQ or pool party and it would straight up disappear. I’ll bet my friend wouldn’t even get a chance to make his semi-famous margaritas.

    Thanks again to you, the fine people of The Genessee Royale, the chefs & mixologists, and those who supplied the excellent spirits.


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