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Beet Weiss is coming to Crane Brewing Co.'s lineup (Photo: Pete Dulin).

Beet Weiss is coming to Crane Brewing Co.’s lineup (Photo: Pete Dulin).

Have you been coming here and wondering where all your delicious food news has gone? Don’t worry, we’re still doing plenty of reporting. We’ve just got a new home for 2016. We’ve partnered with Kansas City Public Television and their digital magazine, Flatland. Our content will live right here for the rest of the year. In the interim, here’s a quick recap below of what you’ve been missing (if you didn’t know about our new partnership or your RSS feed has been waiting for an update).

Cheers, The Recommended Daily Team.


Dr. Hibba Haider welcomed us into her kitchen and taught us her family’s recipe for Chicken Karahi.

Chef Lidia Bastianich has a special relationship with Boys Grow. We toured the farm with her.

We paired Roller Food with Craft Beer. It was wrong and right and amazing.


Learn to love catfish with the properly crispy and crunchy Po Jack from Mad Jack’s on Troost.

When Reubens rumble, you win. We put Breit’s Stein & Deli’s Reuben up its cheesy, meaty cousin from Browne’s Irish Marketplace. See who won this edition of Food Fight here.

5 bar bites to help you travel the world.

You need Cafe Europa’s Lemon Cake in your belly. Here’s why.

The Peanut’s BLT is a fine representative of the species.

The American Restaurant is headed in a new direction in 2017. It will become an event space that hosts dining pop-ups as executive chef Michael Corvino has moved on to his own project.

Snow & Co.'s Purple Rain


Meet the beet beer that launched the Crane Brewing Company and then drink it later this month.

Is it a milkshake or an iced coffee? Do you really care? Say hello to Hi-Hat’s E-Crush.

Hail! Coffee Co. is serving nitro cold brew coffee from a bicycle cart. Just think of the possibilities when caffeine goes mobile.

Calibration Brewing Co. is a new microbrewery in North Kansas City.


Colony Espresso & Beer has plans to launch their own nanobrewery in North Kansas City.

Koko Thai, a new downtown restaurant, is combining the tastes of Northern Thailand with Laos.

There’s a shrimp farm in Missouri? There’s a shrimp farm in Missouri. This is the story of KC Shrimp.

Discover Hawaiian Poke at Bistro 913.

Shang Tea debuted 1+1 Dim Sum, a menu of carefully selected bites, earlier this year.

Rock & Run Brewery reopened in Liberty and now has a production facility in Kearney.

Fervere & Ibis Bakery have merged.

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