On A Stick: The Recap [In Photos]


Images by Jeff Akin/Feed Me Creative

On A Stick — The Recommended Daily’s taste of the state fair — was Thursday, August 14. The sold-out event, which benefited Cultivate Kansas City, brought folks together at the Alexander Majors House Barn to enjoy food on a stick, local beer and spirits, try their hands at games of chance, pose at Say Cheez’s photo booth (with mustaches on sticks) and listen to bluegrass music.

onastick-littlefreshie-081814On the first floor of the barn, Little Freshie was serving watermelon basil popsicles, Natasha’s Mulberry & Mott had chocolate-covered bananas and root beer sticks on floats, and Renee Kelly’s Harvest was handing out roasted corn on a stick.

onastick-people-081814An On-A-Stick-goer tries Natasha’s version of a chocolate-covered banana.

onastick-upstairs-081814The second floor of the barn had treats from Preservation Market (sausage and Brussels sprouts), Kaldi’s (giving the big thumbs up), Baked in Kansas City (French macarons and pastry cream-filled choux dipped in carmelized sugar) and Our Sassy Pantry (meatballs with savory jam).

onastick-baked-081814A tower of macarons from Baked in Kansas City.

onasticki-thebarn-081814The crowd got a chance to sample food from every vendor and welcome bags courtesy of Whole Foods.

onasticki-kaldi's-081814Kaldi’s brought ooey gooey butter cake, part of their goal of introducing the St. Louis classic to Kansas Citians.

onastick-darkhorse-081814Dark Horse Distillery was serving up cocktails on the front lawn.

onastick-beerpaws-081814The puppy kissing booth from Beer Paws and Unleashed Pet Rescue.

onastick-farmtomarket-081814Farm to Market Bread Company included a pretzel stick on a stick in the welcome bag.

onastick-cranebrewing-081814Crane Brewing Company, which will open in Raytown in 2015, previewed their brews and the Cinder Block Brewery brought a trio of suds, including Hop Maven (a hoppy session brew).

onastick-cranebrewingruby-081814Crane’s Ruby, a magenta-hued cup of beer made with beets.

onastick-corn-081814Stick food demands commitment from eaters.

onastick-konzaswamp-081814Konza Swamp played bluegrass tunes for the crowd at picnic tables and on the lawn.

onastick-party-081814A little bit of food on a stick and some conversation.

onastick-natashas-081814The gingham-covered table from Natasha’s Mulberry & Mott with chocolate-covered bananas and a Root Beer Float on a Stick (far right).

onastick-rippleglass-081814Ripple Glass’ ring toss proved to be a challenging game, but a few lucky winners walked home with prizes (stuffed animals, balsa wood airplanes, animal-shaped drinking mugs) from the Cultivate Kansas City booth.

onastick-veggiearmwrestling-081814Veggie-costume arm-wrestling was another game of chance on the Midway.

onastick-081814Fair food requires great concentration.

onastick-cinderblock-081814Like all State Fairs, On A Stick came to a close, but we’re hopeful that we can bring it back to town in 2015. Until then, we’ll raise a glass of Cinder Block brew in toast to the volunteers, vendors who donated their time and effort, and the city that came out to support us.

[Images by Jeff Akin/Feed Me Creative]

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.