Novel nominated for Bon Appetit’s ‘America’s Best New Restaurants’

Novel gets the nod from Bon Appetit.

Novel gets the nod from Bon Appetit.

Novel (815 W 17th Street) isn’t just having an impact on the Kansas City restaurant scene. The restaurant opened on the West Side by chef Ryan Brazeal last July has been named one of the 50 nominees for Bon Appetit’sAmerica’s Best New Restaurants.‘ The final list of the 10 best restaurants will be released August 19.

In naming Novel as a nominee, Bon Appetit pointed diners to the duck neck dumplings (Brazeal’s inventive take on pot stickers), the Pig Head Pie (echoes of a banh mi, in that one) and the pork chop with pork belly ragu (which is one of the only two dishes — the crispy egg being the other — from the original menu).

The Midwest had a few other representatives with Chicago’s Mott Street and Nico Osteria and Travail and the Rookery of Robbinsdale, Minnesota. Novel was just one of the restaurants that we recently touched upon for our ‘Five Pork Dishes That Will Make You Forget Bacon.’

Jonathan Bender

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