Nice Sausage is hoping to link up with your mouth

nice-sausage-logo-022614Tired of mean sausages? Sick of that back talk from your bratwurst? Well, the Nice Sausage Company — a new sausage venture from the Genessee Royale’s Todd Schulte and Daniel Breedlove — could sooth your tube meat turbulence.

“I hope people recognize it for what it is,” Breedlove says. “We’re not just another sausage company. It’s a very honest sausage. You get exactly what we say is in it.”

The duo have been crafting sausages and selling them out of Genessee Royale (1531 Genessee) since late December.

“We were working on happy hour and Daniel said he wanted to do sausage,” Schulte says. “I asked him where he wanted me to pick them up and he said, ‘no, I’m going to make them.’ And then he made them and they were awesome.”

Breedlove became the executive chef at the West Bottoms restaurant last April. Prior to that he was at Pandolfi’s Deli and the Grand Street Cafe. He designs five small plates for each Friday night happy hour and often finds inspiration for the sausage in those ingredients. Breedlove and Schulte usually have a sausage brainstorming session on Wednesday nights after the restaurant closes.

“We throw around some spices and try some things out. We just sit around all night making sausage. We give it a night to rest and then we stuff it all the next day,” Breedlove says.

Nice Sausage uses natural casing for its sausages.

Nice Sausage uses natural casing for its sausages.

Nice Sausage is kicking out about 20 pounds a week right now and it’s first come, first serve. They’ve made a Dyker Heights ‘Eye-talian,’ with pork shoulder, paprika, toasted and ground fennel, and pecorino romano, an Oaxacan-style chorizo with pork and dried chiles, Sriracha links and a Northern Thai sausage with lemongrass, red curry and tumeric.

If they have a few leftover packages, they’ll freeze them and then offer the regulars a choice of what’s in the freezer once a month or so.

“I try not to overthink it. We look at the classics and then put our own twist on it,” Breedlove says.

Nice Sausage is making bratwurst this week — one of the staples that Breedlove is still looking to perfect.

The sausages are available for pick-up on Fridays from 4 to 8 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. A 24-oz package of sausage is $10. Bring cash to the pass-through window in front of the kitchen (a right after you walk in the door and another right at the bar). You can check their Facebook or Twitter page for updates on the sausage of the week.

“We’re just making them like your grandfather did,” Schulte says.

[Images via Facebook: Nice Sausage]

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