Marv’s Delicatessen has closed in Leawood’s Park Place


Marv’s closed earlier this month.

The latkes have left the building. Marv’s Delicatessen (11554 Ash Street) has closed in Leawood’s Park Place. The Jewish deli, a concept from ingredient owner Steve Kerner, opened in June 2012 in the space that previously housed Cafe Roux. Marv’s was named for Kerner’s late father Marvin and meant to evoke the classic Jewish delis on Chicago’s North Side.

There was corned beef and knishes. They served bagels and lox, matzo ball soup, blintzes, potato pancakes, Dr. Brown’s sodas and phosphates (chocolate syrup mixed with seltzer). And in recent months, they’d been dabbling with extreme donuts. The restaurant’s equipment is up for auction through this Thursday.

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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