Longboards opens in Mission on Monday


It’s almost a wrap. Longboards Wraps & Bowls will open Monday, October 27, at 5415 Johnson Drive in Mission.

This is the third location for the wrap shack. The original opened a decade ago at 6269 North Oak Trafficway in Gladstone. The Liberty Longboards (1173 West Kansas Street) arrived in July 2012. The Recommended Daily talked to owners John Bailey and Gilbert Macapagal back in April about their plans for the Mission Mart Shopping Center space that last held a Little Caesars.

“Longboards is an evolving concept,” Macapagal says. “We want to make sure the quality is always there.

The new restaurant in Mission will have close to 30 seats indoors and a small outdoor seating area. The general manager is Brian Paisner, a chef most recently with Treat America Food Services. He lives in Mission and worked with Macapagal at JJ’s Restaurant.

“It’s going to have the same vibe as the other spots. We want you to have a vacation when you have lunch,” Paisner says.

As part of the evolution of the restaurant concept, Longboards is currently tweaking its rice, rice noodle and salad bowls.

“We look at the bowls as an opportunity,” Bailey says. “We think the flavors of the wraps lend themselves to bowls. So if you want to make a wrap a bowl, just tell us.”

The Mission restaurant, like the Liberty and Gladstone locations, will have its own rotating cast of specials. Liberty recently featured ‘Da Buffalo Soldier,’ a spicy chicken wrap with waffle fries, pepper jack, guacamole, pico, jalapeno and chipotle ranch.

“We want our chefs and creative managers to be challenged to create something fun,” Macapagal says.

First up is likely the Mission wrap, which Paisner says will include mac and cheese and pork, but won’t expound beyond that. Longboards in Mission will also feature an expanded dessert menu. Paisner and Macapagal have been playing around with brownie ice cream sandwiches. Over the past few summers, the other locations have offered Halo-Halo – a Filipino shaved ice dessert topped with condensed milk and fresh fruit.

“I just expected to be a little shop in the corner that’s been there for 20 years. The opportunity just happened that Longboards has been able to grow,” Macapagal says.

That opportunity could include another concept, but Macapagal insists that the new store is the current focus.

“We want to make sure we do it right and we want Mission to accept us as one of their own,” Macapagal says.

The phone number for the new Longboards is 913-236-2523.

[Image via Facebook: Longboards]

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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  • Reply October 23, 2014

    Jake Elliott

    I’ve had the joy of getting Longboards up North for years. It is time for the KS people who don’t know about it to learn. Their wraps are amazing and I’ve never had a bad one. My favorite items: Spring Rolls with peanut sauce, Wow! Kung Pao wrap, 24, Country Boy. My wife varies between the Cabo Beef and Cabo Chicken. It really is a wonderful place and the employees at the Mission location are anything like the N. Oak location- you will always have a wonderful experience!

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