Lawrence Local Table is a new collaborative dinner from the city’s food artisans

lawrencelocaltable-011515For the past several years, 715 has acted like an informal culinary incubator for Lawrence. On Tuesday, February 3, you can see and eat the tasty returns at 715 Massachusetts Street.

Next month marks the debut of The Cellar Supper ($75) — a seven-course meal focused on locally sourced and procured foods and the first collaborative effort from the Lawrence Local Table.

LLT is a collective of Lawrence “culinary creatives,” including Jess Anthony from Wood + Salt, Taylor Petrehn from 1900 Barker, Louis Wigen-Toccalino from Decade, Vaughn Good and Juan Carlos Tovar-Ballagh from Hank Charcuterie, and Zach Thompson and Katrina Weiss from 715.

The night starts with a reception from 5 to 6 p.m. The bar will be open and there will some local cheese and meat selected by 715 and Hank. After that, the meal will kick off at 6:15 p.m. with the final course arriving around 9 p.m.

“We are trying to keep it baby-sitter-time-line friendly,” Anthony says. “We want it to feel casual and fun. We are not going to over explain, but curiousity and questions will be welcomed with answers.”

“The first course is bread. We decided to start there because it is the only course that involves sharing with the others at the table,” Anthony says.

Good will make the whipped lardo that accompanies the bread and Petrehn and Anthony are picking a salt or seasoning, as well.

“Planning this dinner has been really great. It is a chance to step back from how we think about food in our every day jobs or apply it to a slightly different playing field,” Anthony says.

The dinner is a financial collaboration, as well, with each of the participating food producers contributing an equal amount to the budget. The goal is to use a portion of the proceeds from the Cellar Supper as seed funds for future events.

“There are quite a few ideas floating, all of them involve the shared ambition of building the Lawrence food scene in a collaborative manner,” Anthony says.

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