Knife & Pork: A KC Craft Butchery Festival [in photos]


Photos by Feed Me Creative/Jeff Akin

There were pig things happening in the East Bottoms on Saturday, September 27, as the Local Pig and The Recommended Daily joined forces to throw Knife & Pork. Whole animal butchers from Indianapolis (Chris Eley of the Smoking Goose), St. Louis (Chris Bolyard of the soon-to-be Bolyard’s Meats and Provisions), Trimble, Missouri, (Louis Fantasma of Paradise Locker Meats), and Madison, Wisconsin (Jerry Traczyk of Bavaria Sausage and Jonny Hunter of Underground Meats), demonstrated their technique on two stages and chefs from the Kansas City area [Room 39‘s Ted Habiger, Happy Gillis’ Josh Eans, Port Fonda’s Patrick Ryan, The Farmhouse’s Michael Foust, Rye’s John Brogan and Colby Garrelts, The Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange’s Howard Hann, The American’s Nick Wesemann, Chef Debbie Gold, and Justus Drugstore’s Jonathan Justus] displayed their deft touch with pork, lamb and goat.

The Tallgrass Brewing Company made sure everybody had a cold one in the afternoon, while the Free State Brewing Company brought the beer we used to celebrate the end of the festival for our Roast & Toast — a whole pig roast and beer toast. And with the launch of their October issue, Feast Magazine whetted people’s appetites. Hen House showcased Local Pig sausages in kale quesadillas and US Foods/Kansas City Restaurant Week ensured that all the carnivores in attendance at least got a few veggies on their plate.

We’ve put together a slideshow of the craft butchery festival (just a heads up, a few pictures are a little graphic) that saw 500 people visit Heim Park. Welcome to New Pork City.

knifeandpork-pozolePort Fonda served a goat pozole that brought plenty of heat to cool people off on a warm fall day.

knifeandpork-chicharonnes-100114Crispy pig skin isn’t just for football Sundays.

knifeandpork-farmhouse-100114Skewers on a homemade charcoal pit courtesy of The Farmhouse’s Michael Foust.

knifeandpork-beard-100114Chef Michael Beard, of the 715 Restaurant in Lawrence, led off the first demonstration of the day with a look at how he breaks down half a hog in his restaurant.

knifeandpork-butchersoffice-100114The butchers all took at turn in the freestanding office built by Urban Provisions. They were available for questions or a chat session during their Butchers’ Office Hours.

knifeandpork-happygillis-100114The Vietnamese pig skin noodles from Happy Gillis and Josh Eans.

knifeandpork-rieger-100114The Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange served up a dish of roasted lamb, harissa, cucumbers and cous cous.

knifeandpork-bolyard-100114Butcher Chris Bolyard in the midst of his porchetta di testa demonstration hosted by MC Cat Neville, the publisher of Feast Magazine.

knifeandpork-crowd-100114A view from the hill above Heim Park.

knifandpork-sausage-100114The Underground Food Collective brought sausages and charcuterie for Kansas City to sample.

knifeandpork-baconchocchip-100114The American’s Nick Wesemann figured out how to get bacon and chocolate chips in a cookie. People grabbed these by the handful.

knifeandpork-american-100114The American’s toasted marshmallow chocolate mousse parfait with pumpkin, pecans and pancetta. The next time someone says you can’t have pork for dessert, refer them here.

[Photos by Feed Me Creative/Jeff Akin]

Jonathan Bender

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