KC Twisted Treats is a new shake shop on wheels

kctwistedtreats-071414KC Twisted Treats is a modern twist on a classic soda fountain. The mobile food trailer, conceived and built by Zach Ehart-Smith and Jason O’Meara, began rolling two weekends ago.

“We say the whole food truck thing taking off in Kansas City and we decided to jump on board,” Ehart-Smith says. “We realized there weren’t too many treat trucks around and decided to go with that theme.”

The treats in this case are shakes and sundaes, apple crisp and chili cheese dogs. Ehart-Smith, a former cable installer, and O’Meara, who spent a decade in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning business, built out the trailer with their own money over the past 18 months. It marks a return to the food service industry for both.

“We decided to open the food truck,” Ehart-Smith says. “And one day we hope to open a storefront.”

The 16 oz. shakes, made with Belfonte ice cream, come in standard flavors like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. But their top seller has been a smokey chocolate bacon shake made with crisp bacon bits and a touch of liquid smoke.

“It’s the most beautiful train wreck that happens in your mouth. You’d never think it works that well, but it does,” O’Meara, a former area supervisor with Sonic, says.

The sundaes have a homemade brownie in the bottom of the cup and then they’re topped with shake mix, hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry on top. Mama Jerzy’s apple crisp, named after O’Meara’s family friend who provided the recipe, is put together in two stages. The cinnamon-sugar apple filling is kept warm before serving as the bottom layer in the cup. They then add on crumb topping, oats and a dollop of shake mix to create an a la mode effect.

“Everything we add to the shake mix is an actual ingredient, whether it is peanut butter, blueberries or liquid smoke,” O’Meara says. “It costs a little more but it’s worth it.”

The new food truck owners are working on large chocolate chip cookies to be able to offer ice cream sandwiches, in addition to the current frozen treats on the menu.

[Image via Facebook: KC Twisted Treats]

Jonathan Bender

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