Kansas is #36, Missouri is #12 on Thrillist’s State Food Rankings

What if you had to pick between Burgers Smokehouse bacon from Missouri or Stroud's fried chicken from Kansas?

What if you had to pick between Burgers Smokehouse bacon from Missouri or Stroud’s fried chicken from Kansas?

Forget official state foods [six years ago Missouri designated the ice cream as its official dessert], today we’re talking about the sum total of foods available in a given state. Thrillist unleashed an interesting post earlier this week, wherein the 50 states were ranked according to their available food and drink.

The website used four criteria in their rankings: what’s grown, what’s iconic, in-state alcohol production and the scene in cities. With those categories in mind, Kansas finished 36th and Missouri was just outside the top 10 at 12th. Kansas may have been a bit cheated — Thrillist admits it wrongly placed Oklahoma Joe’s in Missouri — while barbecue, the Boulevard Brewing Company and Perennial Artisan Ales raised the Show Me State’s profile. California claimed the top spot.

But the idea raises an interesting quandary. With Kansas, you get fried chicken (from Stroud’s to Brookville), goober burgers, Krizman’s sausage, El Camino Real, El Pollo Rey, povitica, and Cero’s Candies in Wichita. With Missouri, you get toasted ravioli, square pizza, frozen custard, cherry mash, the wine trail in Hermann, and Burgers Smokehouse (bacon, people. Bacon). If you could only have food and drink from either side of State Line, are you picking Kansas or Missouri?

[Images via Facebook: Burgers Smokehouse, Stroud’s]

Jonathan Bender

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  • Reply July 10, 2014


    Missouri no doubt. Didn’t the goober burger originate at the Wheel Inn in Sedalia, MO?

    • Jonathan Bender
      Reply July 10, 2014

      Jonathan Bender

      @LC. It did. But the Wheel Inn closed last year. And the best iteration I’ve had since was at the Yacht Club in Lawrence. If there’s a good peanut butter burger on the Missouri side, please share it.

  • Reply July 10, 2014


    Okay, after reading the article I think Kansas got screwed. I would have liked to have read what they wrote about Kansas before correcting their mistake about OK Joe’s. They also neglected to mention Woodyard BBQ – selling wood for smoking for more than 50 years.

    Kansas breweries Free State and Tallgrass area worth a mention as well as KS meats. I think we have better steakhouses than Texas, and suppliers like Bichelmeyer’s, Werner’s, Fritz’s are worth a mention. Yep, KS should rank at least 10 spots higher on that list!

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