Joe’s Downtown Donuts & Coffee is now slinging sugar

The coconut donut at Joe's Downtown Donuts & Coffee.

The coconut donut at Joe’s Downtown Donuts & Coffee.

The donuts have been commuting downtown by the dozen since Monday. That’s when Joe’s Downtown Donuts & Coffee opened at 641 Grand Avenue.

The latest venture from Joe Sacco, owner of the adjacent Grand Slam Liquors (631 Grand) is importing donuts from another of his businesses — Ray’s Donuts (315 NE Vivion Road) in the Northland. Grand Slam has been serving the donuts for the past year.

“We make them fresh every day and drive them in around 4:30 a.m.,” Manager Matt Flanagan says.

There are glazed and iced donuts — the blueberry and Bismark-creme filled long john should be on your order list — and what Flanagan calls “obnoxiously huge,” cinnamon rolls ($3.29) and apple fritters, which are roughly the size of the Sprint Center. Donut holes are 29 cents and donuts range from $1 to $2.19 for the filled variety.

Joe's features red velvet and seasonal flavors like pumpkin.

Joe’s features red velvet and seasonal flavors like pumpkin.

“Kansas City is kind of specific about its donuts. That’s why we had to find the glass case with the sliding glass doors in back to keep the donuts fresh,” Flanagan says.

The coffee is Ronnoco and Joe’s serves bagels and muffins — which Ray’s also added to its menu this week. In the coming months, Joe’s plans to start serving breakfast sandwiches.

The shop has free Wi-Fi and is open from 5:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. The phone number is 816-474-8000.

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