Is beef bacon the new bacon?

Are you ready to order Schmacon on your sandwich?

Are you ready to order Schmacon on your sandwich?

For the past several years, humankind has been in search of the perfect bacon dish. Now, bacon itself may be getting a makeover. Schmacon – a brand of beef bacon — from Schmaltz Deli owner Howard Bender (no relation) will soon be making the internet rounds [h/t to Yelp]. The idea, which has long been used on ranches and farms, is to swap cow belly for pork belly.

Last August, chef Renee Kelly (who has featured beef bacon regularly on her Sunday brunch menu) gave a recipe to The Kansas City Star and talked about what part of the cow you’re eating when you bite into a meaty slice:

The cut to make beef bacon is the short plate. Situated underneath the short ribs and between the flank and brisket — basically it’s the belly or pastrami cut. It’s beautifully marbled with fat and thick meaty strips similar to brisket. To make this slab of carnivorous delight it takes about 10 hours to transform it to bacon.

Kelly uses Creekstone Farms for her beef bacon [you can also get it at Whole Foods]. At Creekstone, they brine it, cure it, tumble it and hang it in a smoker over that 10-hour period. The end result is a fuller bacon — one that’s more appropriate to anchor a sandwich than simply top a short stack.

Would you be swilling to swap out your pork bacon for beef bacon or do you still have enough bacon mountains to climb?

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Jonathan Bender

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  • Reply July 10, 2014

    Ruth C

    I cannot find beef bacon anywhere in Kansas City. I have been to Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Dean & DeLucca, Fritzs Meats, McGanagels, Bickelmeyers, and have looked on line at Creekstone Farms….nobody has it.

    Has anyone else found it in KC?

    • Jonathan Bender
      Reply July 17, 2014

      Jonathan Bender

      You can get beef bacon at The Local Pig (2618 Guinotte Avenue) in the East Bottoms.

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