Hombre Beef Jerky has returned to the planet


Hombre Beef Jerky has returned. After a three-and-a-half year absence, the Pyle Meat Co. is back in the smoked meat business and their beef jerky is starting to appear on Lawrence (at the Checkers grocery store and Zarco gas station) and Olathe (Zarco) shelves.

In 1959, Kansas City native Pat Pyle decided to open a butcher shop in Eudora, Kansas. And two decades after arriving on Main Street in the small Kansas town, Hombre Beef Jerky was born. When the Pyle family decided to close the doors in 2010, The Lawrence Journal-World penned a farewell profile. Now, Joe and Pat Pyle have decided to resurrect the local cult classic that is a pepper-packed bite for carnivores.

The jerky is currently sold in 3 oz. sizes, although the Pyles plan to add 7 and 15 oz. bags shortly. Hombre is also available to order via phone at 800-265-9657 or by e-mail at [email protected]

[Image via Facebook: Hombre Beef Jerky]

Jonathan Bender

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