Glace named to Thrillist’s ‘The 21 Best Ice Cream Shops in America’

You can get a cup, but Glace also has house made malted milk waffle cones.

You can get a cup, but Glace also has house made malted milk waffle cones.

Have we got a scoop for you [some puns are terrible and irresistible] — Glace Artisan Ice Cream (4960 Main Street and 4535 W 119th Street, Leawood, Kansas) was recently named to Thrillist’s list of ‘The 21 Best Ice Cream Shops in America.‘ Here’s what they had to say about Glace and founder Christopher Elbow:

Before he started churning cream, the founder of Glacé bounced from working for Emeril Lagasse to a gig in the Eiffel Tower Restaurant to starting his own artisan chocolate company. His fine dining experience combines with a Willy Wonka streak at Glacé, where he creates devilishly pure desserts in flavors like Spiced Dark Chocolate, Goat Cheese & Wildflower Honey, and Thai Basil.

For those who are keeping track — the listing is alphabetical, not ranked. As for the Midwest, they also gave the nod to iCream (a shop that uses liquid nitrogen for its ice cream wizardry) and Rainbow Cone in Chicago, Moomers Homemade Ice Cream in Traverse City, Michigan, and the Pumphouse Creamery in Minneapolis. At Glace, Thrillist recommended the Spiced Dark Chocolate, which is a fine suggestion given Elbow’s background. Right now, we’d point you to the chocolate cherry bourbon. They’ve also been sneaking bourbon into their caramel sauce and malts.

[Image via Facebook: Glace]

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    Oh man, they have Chocolate Cherry Bourbon right now?!

    I’m a fan of the Toasted Coconut, the Salted Pretzel, and mixing any fruit flavor with the Cream Cheese flavor.

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