Foodoo on Broadway has closed

Foodoo closed this Monday.

Foodoo is a play on voodoo and food.

A little more than seven months after opening at 3605 Broadway, Foodoo has closed. The vegetarian restaurant and juice bar was owned by BBC Concepts, which consists of chef Carlos Mortera, Brian Thorn and his wife Deanna Thorne.

“It’s bittersweet we made the decision to close the restaurant at this time,” Mortera said in a release. “We have made so many friends here the last year and will truly miss all of them.”

Foodoo took over the space from Mr. Good Chicken and offered vegan fare, homemade soups and smoothies in a space adorned with ornate masks.

Mortera and the Thorns are also partners in The Bite. He talked to us last March about his inspiration for the Mexican and Asian flavors fused into sandwiches and tacos at the City Market eatery. In the statement announcing the closing, Mortera explained that he wanted to focus more on The Bite’s operation.

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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