Farm to Market Chocolate Cherry Bread is pure carb love

Farm to Market's Chocolate Cherry Bread is on shelves now.

Farm to Market’s Chocolate Cherry Bread is on shelves now.

Detroit has Robocop — a man who has been supercharged to fit crime. Kansas City now has Chocolate Cherry Bread — Farm to Market’s sourdough that has been supercharged to spread the carb love around Valentine’s Day. The annual limited release loaf starts its life as the KC bakery’s traditional sourdough. Then Farm to Market juices it up with cocoa, dried tart red cherries, sea salt and semisweet chocolate chunks.

The Oreos at Chip's.

The Oreos at Chip’s.

Think of it as an adult version of a chocolate-dipped strawberry — the cocoa flavor is a strong background note while the tart cherries keep the bread from being too heavy. Although like a fudge-covered Oreo (Chip’s Chocolate Factory in Crown Center has plenty of these, since you now want one), you’re probably good after a single slice. And like a fudge-covered Oreo, you’ll probably have a second.

Chocolate Cherry Bread is on shelves now and will be available through Friday, February 14. You can find it at Cosentino’s Markets, Hen House, Hy-Vee in Prairie Village and Overland Park (135th Street and Metcalf), and Whole Foods.

[Oreo Image via Facebook: Chip’s Chocolate Factory]

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