Chef Michael Smith will battle on Esquire’s Knife Fight

Will Smith take home the big cleaver or the little one?

Will Smith take home the big cleaver or the little one?

It turns out kitchens are just like Anchorman. When rival chefs need to settle a dispute, they do it with knives. There won’t be tridents, but chef Michael Smith is set to duke it out with chef Adam Sappington (of Country Cat in Portland, Oregon) on the second season of Esquire’s Knife Fight. [Here’s an exclusive clip, provided to The Recommended Daily by the Esquire Network of chef Smith tackling the side of beef with a saw.]

The premise of the show is that two guest chefs go head-to-head in a culinary competition hosted by former Top Chef winner Ilan Hall in the kitchen of his restaurant, The Gorbals. In a Los Angeles reinterpretation of Iron Chef, the chefs cook before a rowdy crowd and present dishes to a panel of celebrity chef judges in the name of winning “bragging rights.”

For this challenge, Smith and Sappington (you can learn more about this chef/butcher courtesy of The Oregonian) will be breaking down a forequarter of beef and cranking out two dishes in an hour, using the beef and semolina flour.

The episode featuring Smith will first air on Tuesday, July 29, at 8 p.m. on the Esquire Network.

[Image via Facebook: Knife Fight]

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