Chef Kelli Daniels is headed to the Hotel Fauchere in Pennsylvania


Daniels will take over at the Hotel Fauchere in February.

Chef Kelli Daniels is taking her talents to the East Coast. Daniels has accepted a position to be the executive chef with the Hotel Fauchere in Milford, Pennsylvania.

The former chef at The Elms Hotel and Spa (401 Regent Street, Excelsior Springs, Missouri) and The Drop Bistro (409 E. 31st St.), and current owner of the Good You food truck, sees the move as a chance to build on the legacy of the 16-room hotel that has been in operation since 1867.

Daniels is headed east.

Daniels is headed east.

“The culinary history attached to the hotel is amazing,” Daniels says. “I think of my dad and history and his culinary legacy [Lewis Daniels was the first black chef to oversee the Caesar’s Place kitchen in Atlantic City, New Jersey,] and I’ve always wanted to be able to carry something on for others. So to be in Louis Fauchere’s kitchen and be the hands that he can’t be any more, that’s incredible.”

Fauchere emigrated from Switzerland in the middle of the 19th century, settling in Pennsylvania where he became an innkeeper and chef. After Daniels left The Elms last November, she toured the Pennsylvania boutique hotel and it was the grounds that caught her eye.

“I first thing I saw was the organic garden and I was like ‘Hello.’ That’s right up my alley,” Daniels says. “That’s something I wanted the Good You to be, just pulling things from a garden for the truck. The integrity of the product and honoring the ingredients is right up my alley.”

Daniels is looking to sell her food truck, but wants to find a buyer that shares her commitment to using local and sustainable produce and goods. She’ll take over at the Pennsylvania inn on February 3, overseeing a bar and bistro, fine dining room and an adjacent patisserie. With the Hotel Fauchere only an hour from New York City, Daniels has one goal in mind.

“I’ve always wanted to get written up by The New York Times,” Daniels says. “I have this real hunger for success.”

[Hotel image via Facebook: Hotel Fauchere, chef image via Mollie Hull with M.E. Photography]

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