Celina Tio’s Jolly Pumpkin blend to be poured Wednesday at The Belfry

Just follow the beer arrow.

Just follow the beer arrow.

Beneath Celina Tio’s chef whites, there beats the heart of a brewer. On Wednesday at The Belfry (1532 Grand, entrance on 16th Street), Tio will show off the blend she made at Jolly Pumpkin Aristisan Ales earlier this year.

Tio traveled to Dexter, Michigan, and spent a day with brewmaster Ron Jeffries. She had her choice of seven different beers — all at various stages of barrel aging – that she could blend. While she won’t reveal the entire contents of her brew, she says there is a “little Madrugada and a little bit of the Lupolo in it.” The Madrugada Obscura is a dark stout that is classified as an Imperial Stout, but will likely challenge your perceptions of that category (as most Jolly Pumpkin brews tend to do). The Lupolo de Hielo is a sour with plenty of funk. In the past, Tio has done blends (Julian NBB Love 1 and 2) with the New Belgium Brewing Company.

In addition to her own creation, The Belfry will be pouring several large format Jolly Pumpkin bottles by the glass, including beers from the Baudelaire Beer series (Ale Absurd, iO Saison), Los Vivos Y Los Muertos Saison, Madrugada Obscura and Lupolo de Hielo. The blend and beers will start being poured at 4 p.m. Wednesday.

jollypumpkin-120814In other beer news, Boulevard’s Imperial Stout hits shelves today. The Smokestack Series beer is big (11 percent alcohol by volume) and full of coffee, date and plum notes. It should be on tap next week as kegs are slated to start being delivered on Monday, December 15.

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