Celebrate Katie Fisher Day this Wednesday. Please.


Katie Fisher was bright. Warm. Good-hearted. She was a buffer against cynicism. Katie had an easy laugh — the kind that she gave freely and you strived to hear often.

She was my friend Matt’s little sister and she’ll have been gone four years this June. Katie was killed in a car accident in 2010. She would have been 28 years old on Wednesday.

Some siblings feel stuck together. Matt and Katie simply chose to stick together. When Matt left for college, Katie went with him. She baked and mailed him cookies from home every week. Every single week. She did it just to make him happy. She did it because it made her happy.

KFD-031014Katie can’t send him cookies. But my family can. And we did today. My wife baked a batch for him and his family. Because that is what you do for Katie Fisher Day. You bake cookies or buy cookies and mail them to someone you love. And write a note, a note that shows what’s really in your heart.

Matt is my friend. And I love him. And it hurts me that he has a hole that can’t be filled. But I’d like to think that if enough people try, we might find a way to help him heal. Out of his loss, he’s managed to craft something beautiful — a day that remembers and seeks to build on what his sister wanted to see in the world. On Katie Fisher Day, we can all see the world as a place to celebrate family and friends.

Katie lived for her brother Matt. And now he’s asking us to live with her in mind. Find someone you love and tell them why on Wednesday, March 12. Tell them it’s Katie Fisher Day – a day we all reserve for love.

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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    I made my cookies today for my loved ones. Peanut Butter Rolo cookies, I’m sure Katie would approve.!

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