Bread! KC, microfunding & dinner, returns January 22

breadkc-011415Sometimes in order to solve a problem, you need to sit down together over a meal and talk it out. Bread! KC — a dinner series that serves as a microfunding source for local arts and community projects — returns for its fifth year on Thursday, January 22, at 7 p.m.

“BREAD! KC is a vital grant opportunity in this community,” organizer Sean Starowitz says. “It continues to support radical, locally focused projects. I would have thought that after 4 years, this project would have exhausted itself and KC, but it has had the exact opposite effect.”

The New Year’s Feast at Morton Hall (3936 Main Street), will follow the same format as in year’s past. Three projects will ask for grant funding, the attendees will vote during dessert, and the proceeds from the dinner will be awarded to project with the highest tally.

For this edition, Ami Freeberg from Cultivate Kansas City is looking to start a community garden neighborhood farm in the Longfellow neighborhood, 50/50 is an alternative art space in the West Bottoms that uses shipping containers and a vacant parking lot, and the Harrison Street Skate Park is a project in the Columbus Park neighborhood.

The dinner will be Southern in style with black eyed peas, collard greens with lots of garlic and sesame balls made by Max Watson (a baker with Farm to Market and the former chef at the now shuttered Remedy in Waldo). Watson, along with John Helling are new members, helping to organize Bread KC! Since this is a New Year’s Feast, they’ll also have Boulevard beer and a live jazz band.
“We are selling tickets faster than ever, giving out larger grants and the national conversation of arts funding is still non existent,” Starowitz says. “We’re proud that KC has supported over 30 projects with $23,000 dollars.”
Tickets are $10 (although you can donate more for the potential grantees) and available online.
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Jonathan Bender

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