Boulevard’s Imperial Stout hits shelves today

121013-boulevard-imperial-stoutWinter can require a glass of stronger stuff. Enter Boulevard’s Imperial Stout. The latest Smokestack Series release, which hit taps last night and is on store shelves today, is a Thor’s Hammer of a beer. It packs a kick at 11.8 % alcohol by volume and 63 IBUs. It’s barrel aged and blended with fresh beer — a process that Boulevard brewer Jeremy Danner explains in this video.

The glass I had from the tap at Bier Station (120 E. Gregory Boulevard) last night was as dark as newspaper ink, but smooth like a leather recliner. To me, it was the big brother of an oatmeal stout with some slight chocolate notes. Long ago, Imperial Stouts were made with a high alcohol content in order to survive a long and arduous sea voyage. In modern times, Boulevard’s latest can simply help you navigate a long and arduous Tuesday.

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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