Booktoberfest 2014 [in photos]

booktoberfest-101314Booktoberfest is in the books. The Recommended Daily and the Young Friends of the Kansas City Public Library hosted a series of mini brewery tours featuring Cinder Block Brewery, Crane Brewing, Rock & Run Brewery and the KC Bier Company, in the library’s Central branch (14 W 10th Street) on Friday, October 10. More than 100 beer fans traversed three floors to chat with local brewers, sample their creations and munch on goodies from Cosentino’s Downtown Market, Milwaukee Delicatessen Co., Farm to Market Bread Co. and Swoon Cookies. Here’s a peek at their tour experience via a slideshow of the event.

booktoberfest-steveholle-101314Steve Holle, the founder of the Kansas City Bier Co., draw a helles — one of the four brews that the Waldo craft brewery brought to the library.

booktoberfest-happy-101314There were plenty of folks in Royal blue, as the second game of the American League Championship Series was on projectors throughout the event. It turns out playoff wins and beer make most people pretty happy.

booktoberfest-farmtomarket-101314The Farm to Market pretzels are a solid accompaniment for a wide variety of beer styles.

booktoberfest-cinderblock-101314The team at Cinder Block Brewing Company found plenty of takers for their Saison.

booktoberfest-rockandrun-101314Rock & Run Brewery (co-founder Gene DeClue is on the far right) brought their Choco Wheat (a dry wheatbrewed with chocolate malts and dry hopped with cocoa nibs), Goldfinger (blonde ale made with fresh ginger) and Bravo Pale (a Bravo hop pale ale).

booktoberfest-pouring-101314The Heifeweizen (unfiltered wheat) as it is poured at the KC Bier Co. station.

booktoberfest-michaelcrane-101314Booktoberfest participants had a chance to chat directly with brewers like Michael Crane (center), the founder of the Crane Brewing Company.

booktoberfest-bookies-101314Dessert was courtesy of Swoon Cookies, which made “bookies,” sugar cookies decorated in the style of popular books.

booktoberfest-glass-101314Everyone went home with a tasting glass engraved with the name of the event and the Young Friends of the Kansas City Library (all of the proceeds from Booktoberfest went directly to the relaunch of that program).

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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