Are Missourians better tippers than Kansans?

tipping-032514If you’re a server looking at restaurants on both sides of State Line, you may want to pick Missouri. Square, the credit card processing company that powers everything from food trucks to coffee shops, has released a survey detailing the rates of tipping across the United States.

Missouri ranked 7th with a tipping rate of 16.5 percent and 57.2 percent of people leaving a tip, while Kansas was 20th with a tipping rate of 16.2 percent and 54.8 percent of people tipping out. For comparison, Alaska apparently has the highest rate of tipping at 17 percent, while Delaware sits the lowest at 14 percent.

We’ll keep in mind that this is across all industries, that it doesn’t include cash transactions, and that the home state of the tipper is not factored into the equation. Square also has a prompt for tipping at the end of each transaction. Slate delved into how that suggestion might impact what people leave last week.

Are Missourians better tippers than Kansans? Is there a higher level of tipping in the Midwest? Let’s discuss.

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Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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    This info is way off, i use square on INDIOS CARBONSITOS food truck but never give the customer the option for a tip, unless they request it up front. A good majority of our customers tip with bills or change they have. Cuz “tipping is sexy!!”

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