A eulogy for Pandolfi’s Deli’s Meatball Sub

The sun was always shining on this sub.

The sun was always shining on this sub.

We lost a great meatball sub on Friday. It was not misplaced by a harried deli counter guy or carelessly dropped to the pavement. No, last week Pandolfi’s Deli’s Meatball Sub simply ceased to exist and we, Kansas City, are the lesser for it.

This was a sub of substance. One who understood that size need not substitute for grace. Lean ground beef meatballs resting on a bed of mozzarella and piquant tomato sauce. It sounds so simple. But as this sub taught us, simple can still be quite elegant. A bit of romano and crusty Italian bread were like so many parts of its life — there in service of the larger whole.

It was a sub of uncommon restraint. A friend to all, who still knew how to leave a man’s tie or white shirt be. It never said a bad word about vegetarians and it might have befriended a few, if they just gave its warm embrace a chance.

Perhaps, most tellingly, this was a sub that didn’t change over its four years. It knew that we might have other meatball subs in our lives, but it waited patiently, at lunch, for us to return. Because it understood that even in a world of mouths constantly demanding new stimulation — the best things simply stay as they are.

[Image via Facebook: Pandolfi’s Deli]

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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