5 ways to eat like you’re at The K all the time

thek-food-102715Since you might not have a spare $500, we here at the Recommended Daily wanted to bring the ballpark experience to you. While you won’t be rooting for the Kansas City Royals from inside of Kauffman Stadium, you can still eat like you’re sitting in the fountain seats as you cheer yourself hoarse.

It’s time to start thinking of Kansas City as one giant concession stand. We’ve already given you advice on how to show your spirit for the Royals in edible form, and now here are 5 ways to eat like you’re at The K all the time.

5. Burger at the bar. They’ve got Kobe beef burgers inside of Craft & Draft — the beer bar inside the K that debuted this season. You can find a very fine alternative at the bar inside Bluestem’s lounge. They’ll sell you an 8-ounce burger for $7 (it’s usually $8) during the games and it comes topped with colby cheese and bacon, along with a side of frites.

4. Cheesy corn brisket-achos. It’s BBQ. It’s Nachos. It’s both in a helmet. Some creations are like mythical, meaty unicorns. But since you’re not eating out of a helmet during your day-to-day life (if you are, hats off to you ma’am), perhaps you’ll consider the BBQ nachos at Plowboys BBQ. They combine queso, jalapenos, sour cream, spicy barbecue sauce and your choice of pulled pork, brisket, and/or chicken on fried tortilla chips.

3. Hot dogs. While we won’t see the return of $1 hot dog night until next season, hot dogs are like calisthenics for most Royals’ fans. We eat them before, during and after the game (get those QT rollers ready). But if you need some tube meat with a little more thought behind it. How about NKC Dog? We took a whirl with their Reuben Dog earlier this year and it lit up the carnivore kaleidoscope.

2. Peanuts. The approach with a bag of peanuts is always the same. You begin by trying to be polite and keep the shells in your general area. But eventually the salt and you’re desire for more peanuts has you tearing into the shells with abandon and letting them fall where they will fall. The peanut sauce at iPho Tower is on point and you can eat it without leaving hundreds of shells in your wake. Slather it on spring rolls or ask for it with their vegetarian rice vermicelli with tofu.

1. Topsy’s limeade. Best drink in the stadium. We welcome all challengers on that front. It also happens to be a very fine drink outside the stadium. You get lime juice (and the lime that provided in the juice) with soda water, crushed ice and a cherry.

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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