5 ways for you to add more bacon to your life in KC


Kansas City was put on earth to eat bacon. There’s a reason the Bacon Explosion was invented here — it’s because we understand the only thing stopping our enjoyment of pork is that it may not have another piece of pork wrapped around it like a warm meat hug.

Since we’re in between Bacon-Fest and the American Royal, we felt obligated to keep you while supplied with delicious pork belly options. With that, here are five ways for you to add more bacon to your life in KC.

5. Pork Belly Hoecakes at Char Bar (4050 Pennsylvania). This brunch dish is like a flying pig tipsy on bourbon crashed into a maple syrup factory. Smoky, sweet and a touch boozy. These are cornmeal pancakes with maple-braised pork belly, sugar-cured smoked bacon crumbles and a bourbon maple syrup.

4. Candy Bacon at Bizz & Weezy Confections (1800 Baltimore Avenue). We’ve got a fondness for food on a stick (see here for exhibit #84) and this one fits the bill. Bizz & Weezy — a new sweets and coffee shop in the Crossroads — is dipping slices of bacon in sugar, salt and chipotle peppers and then baking them until crispy. Oh, and then they put that joy on a stick.

3. BLT at The Peanut (multiple locations). It’s got crunch and smokiness from the bacon, a little bit of fat from the mayo and sweetness from a sliced tomato. The Peanut adds lettuce (you can just get an LT, although we’re not sure why you’d pull that trigger), chopped red onion and grated cheddar cheese in between two slices of toasted wheat. If you’re looking to spice it up, get them to add a fried egg for another $1.50.

2. The Crazy Burger at La Hamburguesa Loca (3009 Independence Avenue). The burgers are a commitment at 1/2 pound and they come topped with American cheese, ham, bacon, slices of avocado, tomatoes and lettuce. There’s also a mushroom burger, in addition to the plethora of dishes with Mexican influences from mole to tamales. Clear your calendar. This one is a nap waiting to happen.

1. Brown Sugar Maple Bacon Butter + Candied Bacon Waffle at The Waffle Iron (7th East 7th Street, Lawrence, Kansas). Two kinds of bacon in every bite. Sam Donnell’s The Waffle Iron — which started as a pop-up at Decade — has found a more permanent home above John Brown’s Underground.

[Waffle image via Facebook: The Waffle Iron]

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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