5 restaurant fireplaces to help you get warm & cozy in KC

Warm up with lobster mac n' cheese (top left), fireside dining at Trezo Mare (bottom left) or a hot toddy at Lidia's (right).

Warm up with lobster mac n’ cheese (top left), fireside dining at Trezo Mare (bottom left) or a hot toddy at Lidia’s (right).

These are the winter days when you wish every coffee shop could sell you a spiked hot chocolate. This is when Kansas City lays you bare with wind and cold and a feeling like you’re glued to your seat at Arrowhead. [Our thoughts are with Chiefs’ fans today.]

But, there is warmth and light and plenty of carbs to help you get through the winter. A reader dropped us a line to ask about restaurants with fireplaces in Kansas City. And as we look out on this grey morning, we thought you all could use a little warmth. So, here are five restaurant fireplaces to help you get warm and cozy in KC.

5. Grunauer (101 W 22nd Street) — Think of it as the ski lodge you never visited in Austria. There’s a fireplace in the dining room and enough sausage, schnitzel and schlag (whipped cream) to put in you a proper food coma.

4. Trezo Mare (4105 N Mulberry Drive) — A pair of high-backed banquets are on either side of the fireplace at the Briarcliff Village restaurant. The offer a seafood stew called ‘En Fuego,’ which is a lobster and saffron broth filled with clams, mussels, salmon, Scimeca’s Italian sausage and saffron rice. It’s a take on paella and it brings the heat.

3. The Bristol (51 E 14th Street) — Fireplace? Check. The Power & Light District location of the local seafood spot also has a warming bowl of lobster mac n’ cheese that is currently on its menu for Kansas City Restaurant Week.

2. Californos (4124 Pennsylvania Avenue) — This Westport eatery offers you the mountains and the beach. They’ve got an open air dining room when it’s warm and a fireplace for the drudgery that is January. Here, it’s all about musical dinner with their Opera Suppers (which celebrated its ninth anniversary yesterday), which is dinner and a cadre of talented local singers.

1. Lidia’s (101 W 22nd Street) — The large brick fireplace in the bar at Lidia’s Kansas City is right in front of you when you walk in the door. It will call to you and you should heed that calling. If you’re feeling under the weather or just faking a cough to get out of work, order a hot toddy — a warm boozy drink with honey and lemon juice — that is as fine a medication as the whiskey of the Old West.

Where else can we find a proper fireplace in a Kansas City restaurant? 

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.


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    I’d add Cafe Europa to this list. Cheers!

  • Reply January 22, 2016

    Mary Pat

    Firebird’s in Overland Park has a nice fireplace in their bar (plus great happy hour specials).

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