5 pieces of hot fresh pizza in Kansas City

Topp'd (top left), Long-Bell (bottom left) and Grimaldi's (right) are all slinging different types of pizza around KC.

Topp’d (top left), Long-Bell (bottom left) and Grimaldi’s (right) are all slinging different types of pizza around KC.

While Kansas City is the midst of a Neapolitan-pizza avalanche (the most delicious avalanche possible), this is a city that refuses to be defined by the width of a pizza pie. We’ve got massive slices and deep dish and cracker crust and even squares that are reminiscent of school lunch.

All of which means that the only way to understand pizza in Kansas City is to eat everything you can, whenever you can. We’ve put together a list of five pizza options to get you started, but we’re also hoping to hear about the best slice (or whole pie) that you’ve had recently.

5. Martin City Brewing Company (500 E 135th Street) is celebrating its second anniversary this week. They’ve got a host of special beer tappings that start at 11 a.m. They’ve also got a pizza special — a six-inch pie and side salad for $8 — that runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. leaving you a little change to try the Highwayman with Coconut or take a bottle of Mr. Vacation (a barrel-aged barleywine) home with you.

4. Ikey’s Pizzeria (6950 North Oak Trafficway, Gladstone). Ikey’s pizza first appeared at The Hide-Out Bar & Grill next door last summer before the restaurant with a brick oven opened. This might be one of the only pizza spots in the metro area that also has a fried chicken dinner special.

3. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria (5601 W 135th Street, Suite 2240, Overland Park, Kansas). A Brooklyn import that has begun to open outposts across the country. It’s New York-style pizza in the Prairiefire development and they recently started serving lunch.

2. Topp’d (3934 Rainbow Road, Kansas City, Kansas) is a local entrant in the personal pizza game. So, you better have a game plan when you arrive. They dish up 9-inch pizzas in five minutes with fresh ingredients behind the counter Chipotle-style.

1. Long-Bell Pizza Co. (3385 SW Fascination Drive, Lee’s Summit) brought some creativity to a neighborhood joint when they opened last fall [read more here]. Their take on a spicy Hawaiian — the Spicy Mango with capicola and prosciutto should be tops on your list.

Jonathan Bender

Jonathan Bender is the founder of The Recommended Daily.

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