5 grapefruit drinks to add some sunshine to the KC winter

grapefruit-121714The more we get bundled up in fleece and wool, the easier it is to forget about the lightness of summer. But warmth can be found, one glass at a time, with grapefruit cocktails and juices. Here are five grapefruit drinks to add some sunshine to your winter in Kansas City.

5. Peg Leg at Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar (4814 Roanoke Parkway) — Veteran mixologist Kenny Cohrs is behind the bar at the Plaza seafood joint and he’s mixing rum, lime, grapefruit and cinnamon syrup. It’s enough to make you say, ‘Arrrr…right, Arrrr…right., Arrrr…right.’

4. Pink Carnation at Succotash (2601 Holmes Street) — The fresh-pressed juice is grapefruit with a bit of beet. This juice is bright, sweet and a lovely shade of pink.

3. Bottomless mimosas at Louie’s Wine Dive (7100 Wornall Road) — The bottomless Ruby Red mimosa is champagne and grapefruit juice (grape, cranberry and orange juice are also available). It should fuel your brunch attempt to conquer the Rise & Shine burger — a coffee rubbed bacon burger topped with an over easy egg and maple aioli.

2. Norma at The Westside Local (1663 Summit) — Have you met Norma? She’s a combination of ruby red grapefruit juice, Campari, soda water, Boston bitters and a lemon twist. She’s also a good way to meet Campari — a dark red bittersweet liqueur that deserves to be in more cocktails than the Negroni.

1. Abita Grapefruit Harvest IPA at Rock & Run Brewery (110 East Kansas Street, Liberty) — The Louisiana brewery makes this beer with ruby red grapefruits, which gives it this great pop of citrus. It’s the rare summer brew that’s only available as a winter seasonal. Rock & Run is celebrating its one-year anniversary this week with nightly specials and an anniversary brew of their own featuring their Rye Porter.

[Image via Flickr: Liz West, grapefruit added]

Jonathan Bender

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