5 can’t-miss waffles in Kansas City

Urban Table (left) and Niecie's waffles are waiting.

Urban Table (left) and Niecie’s waffles are waiting.

Waffles inspire dreams as deep as the squares meant for holding reservoirs of syrup. They’re the power lifters of the hotel buffet, the one single-use kitchen appliance you wished you registered for before your wedding, and the rare breakfast food that can’t be held down by a single geometric shape (squares and circles, dogs and cats living together).

And since we want you to dream big, we’ve put together a list of the five can’t-miss waffles in Kansas City. Got another favorite? Let us know in the comments or drop us a line.

5. Waffles — Room 39 (10561 Mission Road, Leawood, and 1719 W 39th Street). Whether you’re a toddler or paying for your own meal, sometimes breakfast is all about the syrup. The waffles at Room 39 come with hazelnut maple syrup. Once it arrives, you (like every toddler) will seriously consider just drinking the stuff straight.

4. Chicken n Waffles — Niecie’s Restaurant (6441 Troost Avenue and 8686 E 63rd Street). The chicken is pan-fried, crispy and peppery. The waffles are fluffy and you’ll want to turn the whole thing into a sandwich. Slide the fat ball of butter out of the way, douse it in syrup and have at it.

3. The King — Kate’s Kitchen (8002 North Oak Trafficway, Gladstone). The King shows you why Elvis Presley let himself go. It’s a Belgian waffle topped with peanut butter, bananas and powdered sugar. Sweet, salty and filling, it’s a breakfast commitment you shouldn’t take lightly.

2. Urban Mini Waffles — Urban Table (8232 Mission Road). A pair of saucer-sized waffles that will satisfy your sweet-tooth. You can top them with bacon-praline syrup (which can also find its way onto a grilled donut, just saying), maple vanilla syrup or raspberry caramel.

1. Belgian Waffles — Little Freshie (811 W 17th Street). The soda fountain and coffee bar on the West Side started serving made-to-order Belgian Waffles this week. They’ve got butter and syrup, but you’ll probably take it uncut. Add on a spicy ginger fizz and you’ve got brunch six days a week (they’re closed on Mondays).

[Images via Facebook: Urban Table & Niecie’s]

Jonathan Bender

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  • Reply October 7, 2014


    And, of course, Magnolia’s red velvet waffles.

  • Reply October 7, 2014

    Nick Kinney

    Dude. #4 = #1. Fried chicken, great waffles, and that service…

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